More Gas Pump Card Skimmers Found In Ocala

November 16, 2016

© Daniel Korzeniewski | Dreamstime

More credit/debit card skimmers were found in Ocala at two different gas stations.  Last week a skimmer was found at the Citgo station on SR 200 at SW 80th Street.  Two skimmers were found at the Shell station on North Pine Avenue and Bonnie Heath Blvd.  If you have used these gas stations in the past few weeks make sure to check your bank and credit card statements to see any unusual activity.  Gas pumps are now routinely checked by state inspectors in light of the over 80 skimming devices confiscated last year.  It is not known if these pumps had used tamper-evident tape on their pumps.  You can protect yourself by paying for fuel inside the store, using a credit card or credit feature of your bank card instead of a debit or using gas gift cards.

SOURCE: Ocala Star Banner

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