Mooning Is Back!

September 22, 2016


Proof that everything is cyclical, mooning is back in style.  Except mooning in 2016 is much different that it was in 1976.  Back then, mooning involved displaying your bare backside.  In 2016, mooning means to put your phone in "do not disturb", which is symbolized by a little half-moon on the iPhone. This mode silences everyone, temporarily turning off all of your notifications and usually is to keep from being disturbed at night.  However for those more aggressive texters or include you in a group text that doesn't interest you, mooning is the new way to silence them without ignoring them completely or blocking their number. It's not as harsh as ghosting, whereas someone you’re dating ends the relationship by cutting off all communication, without any explanation, but it's considered a digital don't in the etiquette world. However if you want to moon someone, you can always swipe up on your home screen and pressing the half moon icon to silence all incoming calls and texts. If you want to ignore someone individually, go to the person's texting thread, tap "details" and then toggle on "do not disturb" to mute all notifications for that conversation. Just remember to un-moon them to avoid an awkward future situation.


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