Money Saving Challenges For 2017

January 4, 2017

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It's never a bad idea to make your money grow for you and for many the thrill of a challenge is the best motivation available.  If this is describing you, give these money making challenges a try.  Probably the easiest one is the 52 week challenge.  It works by finding a jar and placing a dollar in it during week 1.  Then $2 in week 2, $3 during week 3 and so on until you reach week 52.  After placing that $52 in the jar, you will be happy to see over $1,300 in cash. The Spare Change Challenge is another easy one and it works the way it sounds.  Put the day's spare change aside.  That change includes foldable money too.  Depending on how much change you aren't carrying around, you could find yourself a pool of cash at the end of a year.  A not so fun way, but still easy challenge, is to set up a savings account and have a fixed sum of cash transferred every time you are paid.  You never see the money and it accumulates hiding in the account. Finally there is the No Spend Challenge, which will take some lifestyle adjustment.  The idea is to only spend money on necessities (rent, mortgage, utilities, etc.), and your goal is to stay away from anything out side of that such as eating out or shopping, or even going to the movies. Depriving yourself of these luxuries will not only give you a better appreciation for your money/life, but it’ll save you a ton in the process!

SOURCE: Budgets Are Sexy

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