Mom Decides To Mail her Son His Garbage left In His Room

February 17, 2017

© Jo Ann Snover | Dreamstime

One of the top 5 complaints parents have about their teenagers has got to be the “trash talk.” The seemingly never ending battle parents have with messy kids and to pick up after themselves. Terri Cox and her 18-year old son, Connor have a typical mother/son relationship.  As Connor left home this past fall for his first year at college, Terri told her son he was always welcome at home anytime. But Mom isn't running a hotel, after all.  So she and Connor had an agreement that when he was home from college, he was to carry out all of his normal duties and chores, including picking up after himself. The holidays came and went as did Connor but in all the festivities, he violated the agreement he had with mom.  Although unaware of his violation, or perhaps just ignoring it, Connor returned to school.  Some time had passed when Terri sent Connor a box.  Connor was thrilled at the apparent "care package" from home.  As he rushed to open the box, it turned out to be quite a shock.  Instead of treats and goodies, the box with filled with empty plastic bags, wadded up tissues, an empty soda can and even a crumbled up post-it note. Apparently, Connor failed to clean up his room when he returned to school and Mom wasn't happy.  Rather than clean up her son's mess, she mailed it to him.  Connor said he and his mom were ultimately able to laugh about it as Connor says his Mom has a great sense of humor. However we hope Connor learned a valuable lesson!

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

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