Mom Cleans Living Room And Then Closes It Until Thanksgiving

November 10, 2016

© Dana Rothstein | Dreamstime

As startling as it sounds, Thanksgiving is just three weeks away and Christmas is not far behind. The holidays are generally a stressful time for parents, especially moms who are left with the planning, cooking and cleaning for the holidays. Michele Keylor lives with her two teenage boys in Ohio and as parents know, teenagers can be messy.  So in preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Michele cleaned the living room and then closed it.  I mean, closed as in two row of tape roping off the entrance with a note held in place by the tape informing the family that "this room as been cleaned for the holidays and is officially closed until Thanksgiving."  Of course there are some exceptions, as the note continues on with rules for entering the living room, “if you have showered and are dirt and odor free from head to toe, wearing freshly laundered clothing and absolutely no food or drinks.”  The note is signed by Michele, who offers her sons a choice as to how to recognize her, such as mom, payer of the bills, chauffer, Queen of the Castle, the person ruining your life or the bossy "B" in charge.  The note was posted by her 17 year old son Nick and has been tweeted more than 13,000 online.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed

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