Is That Mole Cancer?

July 26, 2017

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Some people have more of them and some have less but we all have moles on our skin. While most moles are harmless, there are some tell-tale signs that a mole is something more serious, such as skin cancer. Dermatologist say your best defense is to protect your skin and to check it regularly.  Many suggest making it a habit of standing in front of a mirror and check your skin for moles, including your arms, elbows, feet, underarms and both sides of your hands.  Enlist a family member or friend to check your back, scalp, ears and other areas you cannot easily see. They also suggest the ABCs: A: Asymmetry-is the mole shape different from others or has the shape changed?  B: Border-Are the edges of a mole irregular or blurred? Do the edges of a mole or area show notches or look ragged? C: Color-Is the color uneven, patchy or different shades? You may see different shades of black, brown and pink. Is it itchy, bleeding, or oozing?  If you suspect any moles to be suspect of pre-cancer or cancer itself, make an appointment with your dermatologist immediately.  When in doubt, have it checked out!

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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