Mobile Phone App Works To Make You A Better Singer

April 25, 2017

© Dmitriy Shironosov | Dreamstime

Have a dream on being on The Voice?  Perhaps a world tour promoting your hit song?  Or you just want to better impress your friends on Karaoke night?  There's a free app you can download that could help improve your singing ability.  The Vandio app is billed as a "personal singing coach," provides daily lessons and real-time feedback to help improve your voice and your ear. After establishing your vocal range, the app works like the video game, Rock Band, where song note appear as colored bricks and you must adjust your pitch to keep your orange line bright as the colored bricks zip by; all while hearing yourself sing through headphones.  Each day the app will give you a set of three exercises to try that are divided up into four categories: agility, foundation, chest voice, and head voice. Vanido grades your performance on a three-star scale. As part of the training process, you can only take 3 lessons per day, so you can rest your chops and strengthen your vocal chords. The app is free for Apple [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD] with an Android version nearly complete.

SOURCE: The Verge

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