Mobile Carrier Companies Offer Scam Call Protections

October 2, 2017


Call scammers are getting more sophisticated as we wise up to their attempts to rob us blind. But all is not lost as our phone carriers are now offering help to block these calls from every reaching your phone.  The services cross reference incoming calls with a database of known and suspected robo, telemarketing and scam call numbers and will either alert you of a potential scam call or block it outright. You can report numbers that get through, improving the database and preventing anyone else from getting the same call. Unfortunately it isn't standardized between AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.  While AT&T and T-Mobile offer spam call protection for free T-Mobile by activating it by dialing #662# (you can check if the services is enabled by dialing #787#). AT&T's only works by downloading their Call Protect app first.  The app will screen and organize calls into categories like Potential Fraud or Telemarketer, letting you decide when to pick up or block them.  Sprint's and Verizon's services are $2.99 a month with the Verizon fee of $2.99 is per line and can be activated on your account very easily.  With all four carriers, you can manually add numbers to the list. You can also employ a third party platforms such as Nomobobo which are free but may not be a reliable as carrier based systems.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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