Mobile App Connects Dog Owners & Dog Lovers

January 27, 2017

It's a horrible situation loving dogs but not being able to own one because of where you live.  Or you feel bad working late with your dog cooped up at home.  Enter a new app called Bark N' Borrow, which lets dog lovers connect with others.  Let’s say you can't own a dog but you'd like to throw a Frisbee at a dog to retrieve.  Open up the app for a list of nearby dog whose owners will let you take their dog out to play.  Or arrange play days with other dog owners.  It’s a virtual home where dog owners and lovers of dogs can share the joy of man's best friend.  Bar N' Borrow founder, Liam Berkeley, said he created the service when he wanted to adopt a dog but couldn't because of the terms of his apartment lease. The app lets dog owners create a profile with preferences on your dog, including the pets’ safety, food restrictions and areas to take your dog. Bark N' Borrow even offers a comprehensive Premium Insurance Plan in the event your dog is injured or killed while out. Bark N' Borrow costs $4.99 a month and available in iTunes.

SOURCE: Bark N' Borrow

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