Mistress Crashes Wedding Wearing Bridal Gown In Protest [video]

November 22, 2016

When a wedding ceremony is being performed, there is usually a place where you can object to the marriage but rarely is the opportunity taken and even rarer would be for the groom's mistress to show up in a white wedding gown to object to the marriage.  A video of the incident appears to be filmed in the African nation of Ghana and captures a devastated bride-to-be as her wedding is crashed by the groom's self-proclaimed lover.   Midway through the marriage, the woman storms into the ceremony wearing a wedding dress very similar as the bride and begins scolding the groom as a womanizer. As bridesmaids and groomsmen try to usher her out of the hall but she refuses and continues shouting at the couple and eventually grabbing a microphone so that all could hear her objections. Helpless to halt the scorned woman, the bride and groom silently stand by watching the whole drama unfold. Eventually the wedding party and guests get the woman outside as the fiasco blossomed outside the church.  It is not clear whether the bride and groom ended up getting married.


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