Mischievous Opossum Over Consumes Bottle Of Bourbon

December 4, 2017

© Terilynn1 | Dreamstime

As we gear up for all the Christmas parties and celebrations it is important to not overdo it with the libations. That's good advice not only for humans but for opossums.  Apparently one was able to break into the Cash's Liquor Store in Ft. Walton Beach on Thanksgiving night.  According to a store employee the female opossum was up on the rafters when she came in and brushed up against a bottle of bourbon to cause the bottle to crack and leak its alcoholic contents, according to store owner Cash Moore, "drank the whole damn bottle".  The sweet smell must've been too much of a temptation for the opossum who was discovered black Friday next to the now empty bottle of booze and acting strangely.  The employee said the opossum appeared disoriented, was excessively salivating and appeared to be pale.  The opossum was taken to a wildlife refugee where fluids were pumped in to flush out the alcohol and within a couple of days was well enough to release back into the wild.

SOURCE: NWF Daily News

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