Mis-Matched Shoes Is Trending

September 26, 2017

© Алексей Корнеев | Dreamstime

Younger generations generally start fads tat leave the older generations shaking their heads and wondering what the world is coming to.  The latest fad may make your eye twitch or sparkle mis-matched shoes! Celebrities have taken the cue from fashion catwalks as Actress Naomi Harris wore a pair of mis-matched shoes at the Oscars as did Nicole Kidman at the Emmys.  The result is not half bad if you know what you are doing.  So let us take start a tutorial on how to rock the mis-matched shoe look.  Two avenues include buying designer shoes that are purposely mis-matched but created to look good together, just know they can be on the pricier side and may only go with one outfit. The other route is to buy two pairs of affordable shoes and wear one of each. If you do go down the cheaper route, look for a timeless style and get one pair one in a neutral shade and the other a bright hue.


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