Mind Tricks Used At Christmas to Get You To Spend More

December 15, 2016

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No doubt that many of us spend a little more money than we should this time of year.  But is it all our fault?  Are we just eager to relive precious holiday memories of the past by making the best Christmas ever, every time?  Or are there other forces at work, such as marketing and research from retailers?  Well, it is a little of both. While Christmas memories are something we try to re-create, retailers are egging us on with certain music, certain smells and even certain packaging.  For instance, research has shown that that when you go into a store with relaxing music, you are more likely to spend more time there. And for the Christmas songs played, most likely they are the classics: jingle Bells, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and I'll Be Home For Christmas invoke nostalgia and encourage you to spend more. It's not just music that can make you spend money - shops often scent their stores with festive smells such as gingerbread and pine over Christmas too, invoking feelings of warmth and generosity. The more pleasant a shopping experience is, the more likely you'll walk out the door with a few bags in your hand. And while reminiscing while shopping you may believe that something priced $40 is too much, but $39.99 is ok.  That is called "charm pricing" and it works.  So round up when shopping.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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