Milk Made From Yellow Peas Is About To Hit The Market

January 9, 2018

© Remus Cucu | Dreamstime

While soy milk bumped rice milk out, almond milk did the same to soy and now milk made from peas is poised to do the same with almond milk!  While there have been many attempts to create a beverage with the health properties of cow and goat milk, most have their shortcomings. Some people can’t drink some of those milks due to nut or soy allergies while others worry about the estrogen-like compounds in soy and the amount of water needed to create Almond milk. Now there is pea milk, which is made from yellow peas, may sound funny when you say it, it is a vegan, nut free, soy free, lactose free and gluten free product that is better for the environment than almond milk and has more protein and calcium than other alternative milks. Pea milk doesn’t taste like peas, and it’s not made in the same way almond milk is, by soaking in water. Pea milk comes in four flavors: Original, which is creamy and lightly sweetened; unsweetened, which has an earthier flavor; and kid-friendly vanilla and chocolate, which taste just like milkshakes and will be available in the next couple of months.

SOURCE: Washington Times

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