Mid-30s Is The Age We Consider Ourselves Old

September 18, 2017

© Christinlola via Dreamstime

While humans are living longer than ever, the age in which we perceive ourselves as old is dropping.  According to two recent surveys, 35 is the age where we no longer consider ourselves as young and when men consider themselves as at the "peak [of] loneliness" and women consider themselves as "peak boring."  Researchers says suggests that the mid-thirties is the time in our lives when family pressures and financial responsibilities combine to cause problems at work and at home. While being carefree in your 20s with work and love is acceptable, your mid-30s is when you become entrenched in your career and pressures of starting a family increase. However the mid-30s "over the hill" feeling is actually older than in previous generations mainly because we are living longer.  Research shows women delaying childbirth increases their salaries by nearly 10% while growing evidence shows childbirth in your 30s is not as dangerous as once thought. Although peaking in your mid 30s isn't a bad thing. The survey says that mentally the maturing is a plus as you grow in wisdom in making better lifestyle choices and we tend to be less selfish.


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