Metal Lobster On The Loose In Marion County

September 27, 2016


You could make an argument this is an Only in Maine story but for this one we head to Summerfield, where a 76 year old woman returned to her home from an extended trip to discover things weren't the same as when she left.  In particular, her shoes were rearranged.  In a statement to a Marion County Sheriff deputy, she stated the shoes on the top rack were now on the bottom and vice versa.  Later she discovered other things around the house were out of sorts, like the door of a jewelry chest was left open but no jewelry was taken, a fire safe rummaged through but none of the military medals or foreign cash was taken.  However she did discover two items that were missing, a gold bracelet from a case hidden in her dresser drawer and a decorative metal lobster was missing from its place on the wall. Anyone with information on the missing bracelet or lobster call the Marion County Sheriff's office at 732-8181.

SOURCE: Ocala Star Banner

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