Men Share Women Struggles Of Balancing Work and Home

July 28, 2017

© Christinlola via Dreamstime

The balance between work and life is a hard and generally speaking it's the woman who are more stressed.  But a worldwide study of 250,000 people finds that indeed women are stressed balancing a career and home life, but men as just as stressed but appear to conceal it more often. The study found that the majority of working fathers are plagued by stress, but they are too frightened to talk about it for fear of appearing less masculine. Experts warn of the dangers of gender stereotypes, in that may men fail in expressing themselves or seeking mental health support. Although this study was the first of its kind, previous research has found men often do not feel comfortable discussing work-family concerns because of fears of being stigmatized, threats to their masculinity or negative career repercussions. It also mirrors the gender imbalance issue of parental leave with only 10% of working fathers receiving paid paternity leave at the value of their full salary, compared to 21% of mothers.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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