Medieval Attraction Adds Rats For Authenticity

May 18, 2017

© Rohit Shinde | Dreamstime

If you are planning a trip to San Francisco, California, you may want to visit The San Francisco Dungeon museum.  The attraction opened in 2014 and quickly became noted for its authenticity, which was taken to the next level recently when real rats were released to roam freely around the property.  No, it's not a health code violation but the runaway rodents run freely as guests enjoy refreshments that include Car-rat cake, Ratte coffee and, of course, ratatouille. Thankfully, the animals are not disease-infested or feral - instead they come from local animal charity Rattie Ratz: a rescue organization. However this sideshow isn't here to stay, the real rats at The San Francisco Dungeon is for a limited time.  Admission price is $50.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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