McDonald's Removing Cheeseburgers And Chocolate Milk From The Happy Meal

February 20, 2018

A fast food staple will no longer available on the menu.  McDonald's announced that they're be removing the cheeseburger and chocolate milk options from its Happy Meal. In an effort to cut down on the calories, sodium, saturated fat, and sugar that are targeted towards children, the fast food Titan says that it wants all of its Happy Meal options to have 600 calories or fewer as well as less than 650 milligrams of sodium. McDonald’s says it also wants less than 10% of the meal's calories to come from saturated fat and added sugar. The cheeseburger and chocolate milk simply didn't meet those new standards. There will be other tweaks: the six-piece chicken nugget Happy Meal will now come with a kid-size fries instead of a small, lowering calories and sodium from the fries by half. And bottled water will be added as an option to the Happy Meal menu, though that will cost extra. Look for the menu changes starting in June. However you can still request a cheeseburger and chocolate milk when ordering but it will not be an appearing on the menu.

SOURCE: Newser

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