McCafe Cups Get a Cheeky Edit From One Drinker That Goes Viral

December 13, 2016

© Nalika Siriwardhana Dreamstime

Many times, an innocent tip of the hat to the holidays ends up being the butt of jokes and in this case, literally.  McDonald's began selling its McCafe coffee in this year's holiday-themed cups featuring two white mittens coming together at the finger tips, thumbs extended with "Warmest Greetings" written on top of the connected mittens. 

However it took only one person to make some additions with a ball point pen to transform the mittens into a butt, apparently mooning the drinker and all those who see it. 

It is one of those edits that once you see it, that's all you can see. Obviously McDonald's had no intention of their innocent cups being the butt of jokes and they add to another chapter of companies attempt to add Christmas cheer only to have it be the center of controversy.  No comment from McDonald’s as to if they will stop using the cups.

SOURCE: Us Magazine

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