Marriage Linked With High Survival Rates After Heart Attacks And Stroke

April 19, 2018


Some say marriage is a slow ride to death but science says your chances of surviving multiple heart attacks or a stroke increases compared to divorcees. It is the latest in a growing body of evidence which suggests wedlock provides significant health benefits, staving off everything from dementia to high blood pressure. Researchers followed more than 29,000 patients who had a suffered a heart attack a year earlier and then tracked them over a period of four years. It found those who were divorced were 18 percent more likely to suffer another heart attack, stroke or die from heart disease. Every year about 715000 Americans have a heart attack.  That's one every 40 seconds. Of those who survive, around a quarter will suffer a second heart attack within five years. Experts believe those with a loving partner were more likely to be encouraged to look after themselves, keep fit, and take the necessary medication.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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