Margarita Burn Is Real and Can Ruin Your Summer

July 26, 2016

Making a margarita can be hazardous to your health and we're not talking about overconsuming the drink. Believe it or not the combination of lime juice and sun on your skin can lead to a nasty chemical burn, dubbed, margarita burn. Phytophotodermatitis, as it is officially is known, occurs when the sun's rays hit the skin that is covered in lime juice.  But it isn't just limes.  According to medical experts, it can happen when in contact with juice from carrots, parsley and other citrus fruits. The juices and oils from those plants contain photosensitizers, which make human skin extra-sensitive to sunlight. When an affected spot is overexposed, it burns. To avoid margarita burn, reduce exposure to these juices by wearing gloves or frequently washing your hands when handling these fruits and vegetables while in the sun.

Source: Buzzfeed