Man Waits 10 Days At Airport To Meet Girlfriend

August 3, 2016

Love can hurt, be cruel and bring you to your breaking point.  About two months ago, 41 year old Alexander Cirk from the Netherlands met a 26 year old Chinese girl, named Zhang, and was love struck! The two began talking and their romance blossomed. So after a two month courtship, Cirk decided to fly to China to meet his love face-to-face for the first time.  He sent her a picture of his airplane ticket and proceeded to take the journey to China.  However when he arrived at the airport, Zhang was nowhere to be found.  Cirk decided to wait for her,a wait that lasted 10 days.  Cirk said h e would've continued to wait for her but he was taken to an area hospital suffering physical exhaustion, according to a local TV station, which ran the report on their evening news.  Ms. Zhang saw the report and phoned the TV station with her side of the story. She said she though he was joking about traveling to see her and that he only showed a picture of the ticket but gave no further details. She also said that by the time he arrived at the airport, she was away having plastic surgery and had turned off her phone. Ms Zhang reportedly said she wants meet him after her plastic surgery recovery, saying she was still interested in maintaining their relationship. Cirk was scheduled to return home this week.


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