Man Uses Blockbuster Video Membership Card To Prove Age

October 13, 2016

© Robert Kneschke | Dreamstime

There are certain things that we say or do that dates us without knowing our exact age.  For instance, when TV stations would sign off for the night and play the National Anthem, or receiving a 911 page on your beeper and frantically looking to find a payphone and some change.  Most will understand the reference and those will not, more so those who don't are younger.  A Reddit user went into a store to buy some beer but rain into a little problem.  The cashier wouldn't sell it to him because the guy didn't have a photo ID.  Confused as to why he was denied sale he reached into his wallet for some sort of ID to prove he was old enough to buy alcohol.  Interestingly enough he had a Blockbuster video rental card.  He states after 15 tries he was ab le to buy his beer thanks for the laminated blockbuster card in his wallet.


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