Man Turns Himself In Because Of His Unflattering Mugshot

August 7, 2017


You can catch a thief with sophisticated eavesdropping equipment, good old fashion detective work or simply putting up an unflattering mug shot.  It happened to 35-year-old Wayne Esmonde, who was wanted by police in Swansea, Wales for an assault charge.  As law enforcement does in recent times they used social media to ask the public to help.  However the mugshot posted on Facebook quickly gained the attention of Mr. Esmonde. He asked police to remove his wide-eyed and intensely staring picture, saying in a post that, "I am him. Not a very flattering mugshot. I'd appreciate it if you'd take this post down. Innocent until proven guilty and all that."  Apparently that was all that was needed as he went on to say that he'd had spoken to a lawyer and knew what he needed to do.  Shortly after that post, he turned himself in to police.  Respectfully, the police removed his unflattering picture rom their Facebook page.


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