Man Sues Airline For Serving Sparkling White Wine Instead of Champagne

October 20, 2017

In an age of first world problems, this one easily makes the top 10.  Budget Canadian airline Sunwing is being sued for misleading marketing because customers were served sparkling white wine instead of champagne as advertised. The class action states the airline make misleading claims that passengers would be served Champagne, which is sparking white wine that comes from the region of Champagne outside Paris. But instead were served "inferior" sparkling white wine.  Daniel Macduff started the lawsuit and is seeking compensation for the monetary difference between the wine served and a glass of champagne, as well as punitive damages. Sunwing responded saying the lawsuit was ‘frivolous and without merit’ in that its "champagne service" was never about the champagne but about a level of service. However the airline has stopped referring to ‘champagne service’ in its marketing campaigns and its website also now clarifies that passengers will be served sparkling wine.  The courts are reviewing the case and will made a decision of the lawsuit can proceed or not.


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