Man Sues After Spending over $3,000 On Non-Winning Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

October 10, 2016


What happens when you spend over $3,000 on lottery scratch off tickets without a single winner?  You sue to get your money back, right?  Although it sounds weird to suggest suing because you lost at gambling, an Italian man has successfully won a huge payment from the country's National Lottery after complaining that he had never won a prize. According to a local newspaper, a 29 year old man complained that after buying 255 scratch and win cards, totaling over $3,000, he never won once.  Because the lottery tickets did not disclose the odds of winning, he was able to win his lawsuit.  Since the ruling, the majority of cards have been replaced with ones that contain the odds information, yet some are still in circulation prompting others to locate them to stake their own claim of winnings not from the scratch off but from the courtroom.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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