Man Request Drink Refund From Girl He Struck Out With At The Club

September 12, 2016

It happens at every bar and club, night after night.  Men buy woman drinks and in an equal world, women buy men drinks too.  Sometimes the gesture turns into something more and sometimes it doesn't.  Abby Fenton knows it all too well, being a young college student with a beautiful smile.  A couple of weeks ago, she was out at a club called Vipers on a Friday night when she ordered herself a drink.  When she attempted to pay for the drink, Liam popped over and said ‘I'll get that for you’ and paid for her drink.  Being cordial, Abby accepted and although there wasn't sparks of her side, ended with the two exchanging phone numbers.  The two parted ways and the night went on.  Two weeks later, Abby received a strange text that started with, "Hi, hope you don't mind but can you transfer me back $8.  Abby replied comically, "who is this".  At that point, Liam unveiled himself and reminded her of the purchase he made for her and followed it up with his banking information.  Abby replied the she would gladly transfer the money to his account, saying that he really may have needed the money, being they are in college.


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