Man Make Fake Bomb Threat To Keep Girlfriend From Vacation

August 12, 2016

It has been said all is fair in love and war and for 33 year old Danesh Gomanie of New York City, it includes calling in a fake bomb threat to keep his girlfriend from leaving for vacation.  According to a criminal complaint from the district attorney's office, Gomanie and his girlfriend had a lover's quarrel about her traveling with a friend to Guyana for a little rest and relaxation, where he was concerned she would reconcile with her ex-husband.  But rather than trusting her, he called 911 on July 27th to warn authorities a woman was planning to board a flight to Guyana out of JFK with a bomb. Specifically, Gomanie said the woman would be carrying "a bomb and/or drugs" on a flight on July 29th.  The FBI showed u to investigate the girl friend and Gomanie's proof of the bomb or drugs.  However Gomanie admitted the threat was fake and was arrested.  however this love story has a happy ending, apparently the girlfriend canceled her trip to Guyana, the two make up and she was even waiting for him at the police station to post bail.  She said "it was jealousy. We're back together. I forgive him."  And they say chivalry is dead!

SOURCE: Gothamist

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