Man Loses Engagement Ring While Proposing At Baseball Game

September 28, 2016


When you look to find someone to share your life with, you look for things you have in common, such as baseball. Andrew Fox and Heather Terwilliger were a match made in heaven with both of them being fans of our nation’s pastime.  Andrew had been planning on popping the big question to Heather and after Heather had said how much she would love to watch a Yankee's game in New York. Under the cover of taking her to the game as a belated birthday present, Andrew knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to ask her to marry him.  So he made arrangements to have his proposal broadcast on the Yankee's big screen monitor during the 5th inning of last night's Red Sox game. The moment finally arrived and ask Andrew is drawing attention to them both on Yankee's scoreboard monitor, where a message for the soon-to-be-engaged couple scrolled. As Andrew reaches for the ring, Heather's face lights up with anticipation. But the smiles went to panic as Andrew reaches into his pocket for the ring box and as he opens it to reveal an engagement ring, the ring pops out of the box, bounced once and it was gone.  A frantic search began with other fans joining in the search.  By this time, the TV cameras were broadcasting the search too.  Finally after about 5 minutes Andrew found the ring!  It had bounced into the cuff of Heather's jeans and eventually Andrew slipped the ring on to his fiancés' ring finger.

SOURCE: New York Daily News

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