Man Loses Car In Parking Lot And Reunited With It 20 Years Later

November 17, 2017

© Viktor Gladkov | Dreamstime

At one time or another you simply forget where you parked your car but usually you're able to find it within a few minutes.  Not so for a German man whose car was lost for twenty years.  The unnamed German man parked his car in an underground parking lot of a Frankfurt building and somehow forgot where he parked. When he couldn’t find it, he assumed it had been stolen and called police, but it wasn’t stolen at all.  In fact his car has been sitting in the same spot, hidden from view, where he left in 1997. It was only after a building worker called police to track down the owner so crews could continue the building's renovation that a two decade old mystery was solved. The now 76-year old man was reunited with his Volkswagen Passat, parked exactly where he left it , but it had deteriorated so badly that it was not drivable and had to be moved to the scrap yard.


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