Man Locks Himself Out of Home: Attempts To Get Back In Through Chimney

October 18, 2016
police lights

Believe it or not, this story doesn't start with the phrase, "Hold my beer".  A Tucson, Arizona man apparently got stuck in his own chimney after locking himself out of his house. Sunday morning, a 26 year old man had gone outside and apparently locked himself out.  Perhaps taking a cue from Santa Claus, instead of calling a locksmith, he would get back into his house through the chimney.  Unfortunately for the guy, his home's chimneys tapered to a smaller opening near the fireplace.  That's where he became stuck, with this feet touching the floor for nearly 4 hours.  A neighbor heard the man's cries for help and called for help.  The Tucson Fire Department's Confined Space Rescue team successfully dislodged the soot-covered man, who didn't appear to have any major injuries.

SOURCE: Tucson Fire Department

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