Man Jumps Off Jetway And Chases Missed Flight On Tarmac

August 10, 2016

Most of Delta flights are back on schedule after a computer outage grounded all of their airplanes Monday.  The agony of not getting to your destination on time is one none of us want to experience.  That's why some people will go to great lengths to not miss their flight as one man did last Friday at Madrid, Spain's main airport.  An unidentified man arrives at the departure gate only to see his plane heading towards the runway.  Rather than adjusting his travel plans, he ran down the jet way and leaped down to the tarmac, with two bags, and ran towards the airplane.  He is stopped by airport workers who alerted him he was chasing the wrong plane yet somehow, he was able to catch his flight from Madrid to the Canary Islands, where authorities arrested him upon arrival.


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