Man Hopes To Collect $$$ From A Dangling "P"

February 17, 2017


A Texas man is hoping the letter P will lead to a few hundred K's.  Manuel Garcia noticed the letter P in the building sign “Pharmacy” of his neighborhood Walmart has become loose and appears that it will fall at any moment.  Smelling a potential goldmine of free cash, Manuel began to stand under the letter P in hope it would fall, knock him out and then sue Walmart for the incident.  He posted a picture of his endeavor and posted it online. However it appears the loose letter isn't going anywhere as he left for the day. But that didn't stop his dream of a lawsuit.  He posted another picture the following day with the caption, Day 2 still waiting.  Either Walmart picked up on it and fixed the sign or Manuel didn't have the patience or time to wait because that was the last entry on Wednesday. 

Day One:

Day 2:

SOURCE: Global News

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