Man Gives His Generator To Desperate Woman

September 8, 2017

© Dariusz Kopestynski | Dreamstime

Yesterday's 5pm National Hurricane Center update really changed the way Florida is preparing for Hurricane Irma.  With the potential of the center of circulation coming up the center of the state, people are preparing for the worst.  Generally the worst begins with the loss of power and many stores report they are sold out of generators.  Pam Brekke of Sanford has been searching for a generator for the last week but was having some bad luck as each store she visited had sold out.  Yesterday her daily travels took her 30 miles away and to a Lowes store, where there appeared to be a feeding frenzy.  Unknown to her, that particular store had an unexpected shipment of 216 generators.  A line had formed behind the delivery truck as workers handed generator after generator to each customer.  Pam was getting closer to the front and it appeared she was about to get her hands on a generator.  However the last of the 216 generators was handed to the gentlemen directly ahead of her.  Pam instantly broke down in tears.  Why she was so desperate for a generator is that her father was on oxygen and it needed electricity to operate.  Frustrated and at a loss of hope, a gentlemen by the name of Ramon Santiago, who barely speaks English, approached Pam and without knowing why she was crying, handed over the cart that contained the generator he was going to buy.  When asked why he did what he did, in broken English he simply said, "She need the generator. It's OK. No worry for them." Pam and Ramon embraced and then went on their separate ways.

SOURCE: Action News Jacksonville

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