Man Gets Fine For Not Keeping Snake On A Leash

April 10, 2017

© Isselee | Dreamstime

Perhaps if the Ocala Cobra had been on a leash, it wouldn't still be missing.  Jerry Kimball got a $190 fine for not having his pet boa constrictor on a leash. 

Apparently his four-month old Fire Bee Ball Python needed a potty break while at an educational meet and greet of snakes and reptiles at a Sioux Falls, South Dakota park.  However when Jerry let his pet snake, Lucy, out for a call of nature, an animal control officer cited Jerry for his snake being out in a public place without a leash.  Jerry said the animal control officer even suggested he put a leash on the snake to which jerry replied, "Dude, no." According to Animal Control Supervisor Julie DeJong, the ticket is appropriate because the city ordinance states "animal at large" and does not make a distinction between animals, their size or legs (or lack of them in this case). He plans to take the case to court.

SOURCE: Argus Leader

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