Man Get Parking Ticket For Idling Car In His Own Driveway

January 10, 2017

© Denise Kappa Dreamstime

With some of the coldest air in recent memory gripping much of the country, it would stand to reason more people will be warming up their cars before heading into work, by starting them in their driveway a few minutes before leaving home. Taylor Trupiano of Roseville, Michigan did just that last week.  HE started his car and let it idle in his driveway for 6-8 minutes to warm it up and defrost the ice and snow from his windshields.  That was all the time needed for the Roseville Police to issue him a $128 parking ticket.  Although there is no state law forbidding the unattended idling of a vehicle, there are many cities across the state that have local ordinances and Roseville is one of them as unattended cars running with the key in the ignition is an easy target for thieves.  The incident has gained national attention after Trupiano posted his ticket, along with some choice words on his Facebook page. While there has been much support for Trupiano, Roseville Police Chief James Berlin is not apologetic for his department doing their job. Trupiano is scheduled to appear in court later this month.


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