Man Finds Lost Wedding Ring On Carrot 3 Years Later In His Garden

November 7, 2016

© Darkop | Dreamstime

The odds were not in the favor of an 82 year old German man who loved to garden.  He had recently celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary to his wife when the unthinkable happened, he lost his wedding ring.  Devastated the man was at a loss of words as to where it could be.  His wife reassured him that he would eventually find it and 3 years afterwards, he did find it.  As he was harvesting his latest crop of carrots, something shiny was on one of them.  He couldn't believe his eyes, the wedding ring he lost 3 years ago was wrapped outside of a freshly picked carrot.  He said it was true that sometimes ‘you reap What you sow’. Unfortunately, his wife died six months ago so will never get to know that she was right all along.


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