Man enters 59 Year Old Contest And Wins Prize

September 16, 2016


Darwin Day of Grand Prairie, Texas has just won a contest that started 59 years ago and won!  His prize? A brand-new Louisville slugger glove. It may not sound super exciting but the contest he won is from the mid-1950s and due to a technicality, never ended!  The retired Day was cleaning out his home when he discovered a full set of Topps baseball cards from 1957 and 1958.  While looking through the collection he noticed on one of the back of the packages, there was a contest.  The package said, Win These Swell Prizes In The 4th Bazooka Baseball Contest.  Being that Day is a lifetime baseball fan and that there was no contest dates listed, he thought it would be “swell” to complete the challenge and submit his entry, which included correctly filling out the scores of games played on July 19, 1957, between the Milwaukee Braves and the New York Giants as well as the Baltimore Orioles against the Kansas City Athletics.  Day also included the entry fee of five gum wrappers. Shortly thereafter, his entry was received at Bazooka Candy Brands, which is part of The Topps Company. A bit puzzled at first and not sure what to do, as it was a contest they were not aware of, they too reviewed the entry form and considering the fine print had not given any contest dates and all the questions were answered correctly, the company sent Day his prize.  Along with this baseball glove, Topps sent him t-shirts, a Bazooka Joe-themed pillow, and plenty of bubble gum.  The gesture couldn't have come at a better time. Day had recently lost his brother to cancer and while cleaning out his house, it inspired him to do the same with his home, where he found the baseball cards. Winning Bazooka’s contest provided him with some happiness during a period of grief.

SOURCE: Dallas Morning News

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