Man Donates Doomsday Food Stockpile To Puerto Rico

October 3, 2017

© Rick Jervis-USA TODAY

There has been a lot of negative news to take in over the past few days and weeks.  But inside all these heartbreaking headlines lie stories of true human compassion.  One such story involves a 74-year old man from New Jersey named Joseph Badame.  For the past 40 years he has been stockpiling food and supplies to keep himself, his wife Phyllis and 100 friends and family members alive and comfortable for the indefinite future, all in anticipation of a possible economic doomsday scenario. But things changed in 2013 when Phyllis passed away and Joseph got behind on the bills.  The banks is about foreclose on the property and that led Joseph to make a decision.  During his estate sale, a food vendor named Victoria Martinez-Barber had stopped by and the two began a conversation.  She revealed that she was donating proceeds from her food truck sales to a family in Puerto Rico. At first Joseph offered $100 to help but quickly realized he had more enough food to help.  So he donated his food stash to those in need after Hurricane Maria.  70 barrels of food, and each barrel has enough in it to feed 84 people for four months are now on the way to Puerto Rico. As for Joseph, karma was quickly repaid as Victoria and her husband have offered for Joseph to move his RV onto their property so he would not be homeless.


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