A Man Cutting A Sap-Dripping Tree Ends Up Destroying An Apartment Building

August 24, 2016


When you park your car under a tree, there's always the risk of something from the tree falling on your car.  For those parking under a pine tree, it's those little globs of pine sap that can be hard to remove. Raymond Mazzarella and 5 other people lived in an apartment building in Pittston Township, Pennsylvania and he had enough of pine sap dripping on his parked car from a neighboring tree. So he decided to get a chainsaw and take care of it.  However not much thought was given as to where the tree would fall once it's 3 foot base was cut.  According to code enforcement, the tree fell right into Mazzarella’s apartment building, shifting it off its foundation and damaging it so much, it was condemned.  Fortunately no one was seriously injured but now everyone has to find a new place to live. As for Mazzarella, he was taken to a hospital to be checked out and a restraining order was issued to keep him away from the now condemned property.  But that didn't stop him from Mazzarella appearing near the apartment house.  When an angry neighbor confronted him and contacted police, Mazzarella punched the man. The neighbor then pulled out a stun gun to protect himself, which olny made Mazzarella more angry and used a baseball bat to start hitting his neighbor! Mazzarella was charged with assault and harassment and landed himself in jail. The Red Cross is assisting those displaced by Mazzarella's attempt to keep pine sap from dripping on his car.


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