Man Creates A Fake Hijack Threat To Get Out Of A Trip With Mistress

April 25, 2017

Yes, love makes you do strange things and getting out of a relationship can be equally strange, especially when it's your mistress.  Take the story of a 32-year old Indian man, named Motaparthi Vamshi Krishna.  The married man and father of a child had gotten himself involved with another woman.  While he wanted to keep it on the DL, she wanted to have some fun with him and planned a weekend getaway to the posh India state of Goa.  Rather than telling her he didn't want to go or that he didn't have enough money for a trip, he created an elaborate and dangerous scheme to get out of the trip.  First, he created a fake airline ticket.  Knowing she'd see right through the fake ticket, he also created a fake email account and sent a message to the Indian Airport Authority about overhearing a conversation of 6 men planning to hijack a flight.   The man conveniently included the three airports within his area and didn’t mention a specific airline or route in hopes that all the flights would be cancelled and therefore he'd be out of his obligation to go.  However airport authorities took the threat very seriously.  But rather than close the airports or cancel flights immediately, they researched the anonymous email.  It didn't take long for them to trace the computer IP address to an Internet cafe, were surveillance video confirmed the sender was our guy.  He has been charged with four different crimes and is facing 5 years in jail, which may be tame considering the lies to his wife and mistress are now out in the open.


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