Man Can't Collect $10,000 Casino Winnings Because Of Self-Ban

March 3, 2017

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82-year old John Marando of Ontario, Canada hit the jackpot! Last week, while playing a $2 slot machine, John won $2,000!  He then took that $2,000 and continued to gamble and ended up losing $1,998 back into the same machine.  You could say John has a gambling problem and in John's own words, he did.  Seventeen years ago John was spending a lot of time in casinos after retiring and after his wife died. In an effort to control his addiction, he signed a voluntary self-exclude form that is available at all gambling facilities that bans yourself from entering and using gaming facilities. But as time went on and obvious to us all, John wasn't good at self-control and in his own words, he "forgot about it" until that day at the casino when down to his last few dollars, won another jackpot of $10,000!  Winning such a big jackpot, John was escorted to a backroom, he thought to count his money.  However face recognition technology had identified him as a self-volunteered banned person from the casino and he was asked to leave the facility without his winnings or be arrested for trespassing. Based on responsible gaming statues and regulations, the casino is not obligated to pay John his winnings and it is 100% legal, although John felt it was unfair and it is unclear if he will take the casino to court. As with Canada and other U.S. States, Florida casinos also adhere to a self-exclude policy that prevents those who sign up from collecting any winnings and can result in trespassing charges if caught in any gaming facility.

SOURCE: CTV & American Gaming Association

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