Man Calls Pizza Delivery Guy To Check On Grandmother After Hurricane Matthew

October 13, 2016

© Stephen Coburn | Dreamstime

Florida's east coast really took a pounding from Hurricane Matthew, including Flagler County, which just reported this week that their beaches are closed indefinitely.  Eric Olsen was especially concerned about his 87 year old grandmother, Claire, who lives alone in Palm Coast. Eric, who lives thousands of miles away in Omaha, Nebraska had last talked to her Friday as the storm was moving closer.  The power had gone out and he told her to make sure she was in a safe location.  That was the last her heard from her.  The following day, Eric tried to call his grandmother without success.  Sunday came and went without any contact and that's when the family because really concerned that the worst had happened.  Being all of the family were scattered in South Dakota, Nebraska and California, there was no one locally to check on her.  Eric had attempted to call the Palm Coast police department and the Flagler County Sheriff's office but those agencies were themselves overwhelmed.  That's when Eric got creative. He got online and ordered a pepperoni pizza to be delivered to his grandmother's house.  In the special instructions area, he explained that he was trying to reach his grandmother and to please call him once the delivery was made so he could know if she was ok.  Within 30 minutes he got a call from the pizza delivery driver where to Eric’s relief, heard his grandmother’s voice and talked with her to make sure she was okay. As for the pizza delivery guy Lance Tyler, he only said the expression on Claire’s face when shew heard her grandson's voice was just priceless.  She also thanked her grandson for the pizza, which she said was delicious.


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