Man Calls 911 To See If He Had Any Active Warrants For Arrest

July 23, 2018


There are things you should just know.  The PIN for your debit card, the last time you had your teeth cleaned and if you have any outstanding arrest warrants.  And if you need clarification on the last example, calling 911 is certainly not the right way to find out! Perhaps 24-year old Christian Palacios of Thibodaux (thed-a beau), Louisiana was filling out a job application but somehow he wanted to know if there were any active warrants for his arrest. However being that it was 10pm he would have to wait until the next day to call law enforcement to check. But it must've been an emergency situation because he called 911 to find the answer. That led to a visit by olive officers who questioned Christian as to knowing the difference between an emergency and non-emergency call.  HE acknowledged he did which lead to the officers issuing Christian a misdemeanor summons for unlawful use of the 911 system. We can only assume officers alerted Christian that if he did not attend the court on the charge it would result in an active warrant for arrest. 


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