Man Calls 911 From One ER Room For A Ride To Another ER Room

September 18, 2017


Even a hurricane can't stop the strange stories from our beloved Sunshine State.  For this one, we head up to Tallahassee where 45-year old Vanderick Williams entered the Emergency Room of a hospital.  Apparently Williams wasn't having a good night and began being disruptive as presumably was a long wait in the waiting room.  After calming down when police warned him to wait quietly, a nurse told the officer that someone had called 911 requesting a ride to the other hospital's ER room.  The 911 dispatched police officer eventually made contact with Williams and told the cop that he "needed an ambulance" to another hospital.  Williams did get his request met although it wasn't in an ambulance and it wasn't to another emergency room. He was arrested and charged with misusing 911.

SOURCE: Tallahassee Democrat

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