Man Attempts To Trade Weed For A Snowmobile On Craigslist

October 19, 2016


While some states have legalized recreational marijuana, it may be a little too early to use it as currency, especially when you try to but an Oregon State Trooper's snowmobile with it on Craigslist.  Over the weekend, 29 year old Jason Owen was on Craigslist looking to buy a snowmobile for the upcoming winter.  As luck would have it, he found one but short on the cash needed to buy it.  However he did have something to bargain with.  He contacted the seller to see if he would be interested in trading the snowmobile for a pound of marijuana. Although recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon, you can only possess up to 8 ounces inside your house and only 1 ounce outside of it. The snowmobile seller knew this to be true as he was an Oregon State Police officer, who contacted his supervisor who contacted the state DEA and agreed to meet Owen and discuss the trade at a gas station.  There Owen became very aware of the law and by having a pound and a half of marijuana on him, had his car and his weed impounded.  Owen was cited for the possession and delivery of marijuana as well as driving with a suspended license.  The snowmobile is still for sale on Craigslist.

SOURCE: Flashalert

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