Man Attempts To Bail Out Shoplifting Wife By Shoplifting Himself

October 25, 2016


You could call this crime a never ending circle of bad decisions as a Winter Haven couple are both locked up for shoplifting, which on the surface doesn't sound newsworthy.  However when you discover the man was busted for shoplifting while trying to raise money bail his wife out for shoplifting isn’t a smart move. According to the Winter Haven Police Department report, Brian Crume was busted by store security last Wednesday afternoon for stuffing three packs of electronic wire, totaling $88, down the front of his pants.  He was detained when he tried to leave the.  When questioned by police the motive for the robbery was unearthed. Earlier in the day, Crume's wife was arrested in Lake Wales for shoplifting and was sitting in jail.  Not having enough cash to post her bail bond, he decided to shoplift himself and sell items on the street in order to raise the bail. However the plan didn't work and now both the husband and wife are in Polk County jail awaiting trial.

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