Man Accidentally Holds Neighbor's Cat Hostage

October 12, 2017

You usually take your pet to the vet if there is changes in their behavior.  it can be a sign of sickness or disease, which is why Clarke Gayford‏ took his black cat to the vet last week.  After coming inside from a normal prowl around the neighborhood, Clarke noticed his cat acting very strange.  It worried him enough to take his cat to the vet for an examination.  The diagnosis was his cat had a case of anxiety and some anti-anxiety medication was prescribed as well as some alone time for the anxiety to subside.  So Clarke did just that.  He kept his cat locked up in a room while waiting for the medication to work and it appeared his cat would be back to normal, until his cat walked in five days later.  Apparently Clarke had inadvertently drugged and kidnapped, or more accurately, catnapped his neighbor's cat, who is also black and held it hostage.  As for the behavioral problems, it could've been because his cat is female and his neighbor's cat is male.  But all is well and good now as both cats are back home, with Clarke apologizing for drugging is neighbor's cat!


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