Mall Installs Walking "Fast Lane" So Shoppers Can Avoid Slow Walkers

December 6, 2017

© Monkey Business Images Dreamstime

A recent poll found that 80% of consumers found slow walkers to be their biggest annoyance while shopping. The research also found that the average walking speed slowed down by 21% during the Christmas shopping period, as most shoppers spent more time window shopping and browsing during this period. So to speed things up for those wanting to get to their store quickly, The Lakeside Center in Essex, on the outskirts of London, has introduced a 720-foot “fast lane” reserved for fast walkers only. 

Time will tell if the fast lane actually works as an orange line on the floor is the only indication of the lane and there nothing to stop slower walkers from meandering on it.  The survey conducted by Mastercard also found there are four common types of shoppers: "Skaters" make up 31% of shoppers, who try and maneuver their way through crowds politely, “Tutters” make up 15$ of shoppers, who vocalize their frustrations with slow walkers, “Bulldozers” make up 11% who barge through crowds and the biggest group, "Dodgers" who make up 51% of shoppers, who move paths to avoid slow walkers.

SOURCE: Fox News

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